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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Israel's Components Market Survey 2007-2008

Two Leading Industry Magazines reporting two different numbers on their Annual market surveys for Electronics Components sales in 2007. (around 150Mil different in same Market?!"Electronica". Magazine reported sales of $900Mil. in 2007 and forecasting $945mil.
This year"Technologies" has Reported sales of $760Mil. in 2007 and forecasting $801mil in 2008.although the market is quite small and the key buyers and sellers were interviewed by both Mgz.. The changes represent the fact that one can only guess the numbers and it is probably anywhere between the two surveys: Israel 2007 Electronic components market size is roughly: $825,000,000 and 2008 will be approx: $875Mil.if we are lucky...there are plenty of layoffs around and no too many big money makers this year... the CM's are suffering heavily from the dollar exchange rates.
The new agenda is to have a new strategy on both sides vendors and customers .we at Exodus Technologies found that outsourcing a complete BOM to strategic partners is the way to go and with some of our strategic partners we have launched the BUYBOM program.
BTW-for this year Electronica show in Munich there is list of 19 Israeli companies so far who will exhibit among thousands of other global industry participants.